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            Ningbo jiamei sen photoelectric is one specialized is engaged in electronic product developmentproduction and sales, the main products include infrared induction products, LEDMing,

            homeappliance controller, escalator parts, etc., excellent research and development and themanagement team is committed to provide users with the best quality products.The

            company has advanced production equipment, production technology and a long-term specialized is engaged in the production and management team. We in line with the market as

            the forerunner, family Based on the technology, quality as a fundamental business philosophy, to serve the leading, customer-orientated purpose, unremitting enterprising, expand

            innovation, guarantee to provide users withThe first-class products, first-class technology and first-class service.Company has always been in accordancewith international standard

            management, strictly implement incoming inspection, process inspection and after-sales service

            Sam Walton said many times, outstanding customer service is our different from all the characteristics of other companies. He said: "to provide customers what they need to ─ ─ 

            and a little more service to let them know that you value them. In mistakes, don't look for any excuse ─ ─ and should apologize to the customer. No matter what, should be comity

            three points. I have been in the first piece of wal-mart signs wrote down the four most important words ─ ─ guarantee satisfaction."Customers are the real boss"All the colleagues 

            are working for customers to buy our goods. In fact, customers can fire everyone in our company. They need only to other place to spend money, can do it. Success for our important ?